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CABARAVE: Love Languages 

Featuring the cast of Mirage at LUSH Lounge & Theater

Saturday, Feb 10th @ 9pm
Wednesday, Feb 14th @ 8pm

RatHaus takes over Valentine’s with the hottest show in the Twin Cities! This two-night event is a fiery blend of aerial arts, live music, flow arts, performance painting, dancing and more! Featuring spectacular Drag performances from the cast of Mirage on Saturday, Feb 10th! 

What speaks to you? Immerse yourself in the five languages of love with this daring and bold collection of local artists. The show is broken into five sections, each representing and exploring a different language of love. By the end of the night walk out with your partner, lover, or friend, knowing how the other wants to receive love. You might even learn more about your own capacity for expressing and receiving love!


Save $ with Tiered Ticketing 
$25 Tier One (exp. 01/22)

$30 Tier Two (exp. 02/02)

$35 Full Price GA

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