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Andy Mor &
CABARAVE: Glass Ceiling

March 15, 17 & 18

At The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts!

Andy Mor & CABARAVE break the rules in their new, dynamic experience you can’t get anywhere else! Featuring- aerialists, fire performers, performance painting, live music, pole, & an array of dance from Tap to Hip Hop to African to Jazz.


This year The Cowles Center brings together the mesmerizing talents of Andy Mor & CABARAVE for a truly immersive event full of dynamic and empowering acts!

The ominous glass ceiling (suspended above the stage) is a reminder, not only of where we are, but what is yet to come. Throughout the night, the audience will participate in the spectacle, and watch as the glass ceiling moves in closer and closer. The only question is- When the glass ceiling is in reach, will you have the strength to break through?


Don’t miss this Las Vegas evoking event with performance styles never before seen on The Cowles stage!


General Admission 
 (fees included)

Front Row Table Seating

 $7 (fees included)
*Includes One Free Drink!*

Wednesday, March 15th - Preview Performance 

In order to make our performances more accessible, we are implementing PAY AS YOU ARE for Glass Ceiling. PAY AS YOU ARE pricing asks those who routinely pay the fair market value for tickets to choose to pay that amount. If an audience member needs to pay less, they can choose to pay less – as little as $5 per ticket, while those who are able to pay above market price are welcome to do so.

This program is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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