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CABARAVE: Love Languages 

Featuring the cast of Mirage 

Words of Affirmation
Written and spoken shows of affection! These expressions make one feel understood and appreciated.


Physical Touch
People who communicate their appreciation through this language, when they consent to it, feel appreciated when they are hugged, kissed, o
r cuddled. They value the feeling of warmth and comfort that comes with physical touch

Quality Time
This love language is all about giving your undivided attention to that one special person, without the distraction of television, phone screens, or any other outside interference.

Acts of Service
This love language is for people who believe that actions speak louder than words! Doing the smaller and bigger chores to make their life easier or more comfortable is highly cherished & appreciated.

Receiving Gifts
People whose love language is receiving gifts enjoy being gifted something that is both physical and meaningful. The key is to give meaningful things that matter to them and reflect their values!

Creative Team

Producer/Writer: RatHaus Inc
Artistic Director: Jessie Storovich**
Production Manager: Joshua Vosberg**
Lighting: Brandon
Sound: Daniel Daigle
Choreographer: Gabby “The Baddie” Abram**

**RatHaus Board: Arielle Slobotski, Lynn Sabin Lunny, Jaclyn McDonald, & Rush Benson


Gabby “The Baddie” Abram
Jordan Bergman-Rushton
Gabriel Blackburn

Paige Cook
Anna Esposito
Drew Geck
Ryan Kennedy 
Ryne Lehman
Lynn Sabin Lunny
Averie Mitchell-Brown
Luna Muse
Kristen Shaw
Johnathan Lyle Woodward 

**Saturday performance featuring the cast of Mirage**

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